Light Beyond

Light Beyond Road’s End

Written by: 秋月 アスカ (Akiduki Asuka)

michi hate

Project Status: TEASER / Dropped

  1. Chapter 01 (web novel)
  2. Chapter 02 (web novel)
  3. Chapter 03 (web novel)
  4. Chapter 04 & more at yAmi Translations!

I really recommend that you read the translations of the light novel version, which is being done by the super fast and amazing and awesome and cool Ilinox.

Note: The title can also be translated as “Light at Road’s End” and would sound more familiar to us in English because we have the phrase, “light at the end of the tunnel.” But I’m going with “beyond” because it’s more romantic. Why not? ;P

Light Beyond was originally intended to be a secondary project and a somewhat teaser. Now that Agni @ yAmi Translations has picked it up, it will forever be a Teaser Project. I’m actually more interested in the light novel version, which is actually so well-edited that it’s polished beyond compare. An example of a story actually becoming a better version of itself when a dedicated team from a publisher is involved. If only getting your novel published always turned out like this. Anyway, no promises. I’m lazy, and can’t be bothered most of the time. I’d really like to see translations of the LN version though.