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Light Beyond – ch01

   Life is but a brief journey.

   No matter how much wealth you boast of as a rich man.
   No matter how much envy you collect as an unrivaled beauty.
   No matter how much trust is placed in you as a messenger of God.

   As long as you are human, death does not discriminate.

   And that is why an accident happening to one girl was by no means one that shook the universe.
   It was simply a matter of the girl being unable to escape as she reached the end of the road.
   The people will simply lament, It’s much too soon for her, how cruel.

   “——However, it seems like you are not so normal after all. There is actually another road continuing where this one ends, from the other side——”

   ・   ・   ・

   Yuna’s ordinary days suddenly disappeared.
   One afternoon, identical to any other, center of town.
   It was a truly nondescript day as she made her way to the market to stock up on medical plants.
   Something happened to her.
   If you think on it twice, it will rise to the surface with vivid clarity.
   The heartrending cries of the people. The high-pitched whinny of the horse’s voice. The big, horse-drawn carriage looming in front of her eyes.
   And then, her entire body as it was caught by the impact of a much too great blow…

   ——I was run over by a carriage and killed.

   Yuna came to that conclusion without much feeling.
   It was only a moment ago she was at a loss and in a daze, dumped in a completely unfamiliar, white world. She somehow regained her calm and guessed what had happened to her body.
   Such a short life, she thought. I only lived for 18 years. There was still a lot I wanted to do, or rather, perhaps it is better said that the things I have accomplished were far too few. It’s not like I wanted to spend my days doing something especially noble, but I can’t help feeling this sense of incompleteness.

   (Perhaps it is because of lingering attachments that I have come to this mysterious place?)

   She took another look at her surroundings.
   ——Nothing after all. Just an empty world. Blank as far as the eye could see, up and down were the exact same. Yuna had been left by herself in a completely white world.

   (Oh, dear Lord.)
   Not knowing where to focus, she vacantly looked around. Exactly because of that, there was no sense of progress being made.
   (Err, what am I supposed to do in this situation? Is this perhaps the netherworld? That placed called Heaven? It feels completely different from what I was taught in school, though… What am I, Yuna, supposed to do all by myself? First I died, and now I’ve come to this unfathomable place. Or should I ask, why did I have to die in the first place? Even though I lived such an ordinary life, why? Was I so deeply stained by karmic sins my life was severed at such a young age, O God——)

   “OK, OK, that’s enough.”
   Yuna had been slowly but steadily falling into a state of confusion, when suddenly a woman’s voice–quite indifferent–spoke to her. That voice, which did not seem like it would care if anything happened, snapped Yuna back to her senses.
   Yuna turned her head around in surprise and made an astonished face at the sight of the beautiful woman looking down on her. Dazzling golden and abundant hair. Eyes an almost transparent blue. Her body was clad a soft, white dress, and on her back were huge wings——ahh, an angel in the flesh, no doubt.

   “Ah, um, uh, um.”
   “I understand.”
   What did she know? Why did she have to give Yuna the short shrift?
   “Ehh—first things first, nice to meet you, yeah?”
   “Ahm, eh, uhh.”
   “Names don’t really matter, but shall we start with introductions? I’m Angelica. Seen by humans like you, let’s see, I guess I look like an angel? It’s my job to deliver the souls of humans who have died in the human world to His side.”
   “I think you get it, but you were hit by a carriage—a total disaster.”
   Yuna calmed down little by little as the truth was shoved under her nose by this third party.
   “And then your departed soul was so far gone I ended up using my powers to transfer it here.”
   “This is…”
   “Neither Heaven nor Hell. It’s a void where nothing exists.”
   “Then what should I—”
   “Relax. I don’t plan to keep you here for all eternity. I merely wanted you to lend me some of your strength, so I created this little white room specially to bring you here.”
   Lend—my strength? Someone already dead like me? Yuna knit her brows in confusion.
   “You just look like a common village girl to me, though.”
   Angelica took glimpses at Yuna but whatever she saw did not change, for she made a slightly uneasy face.
   “Saint Celiastina, do you know of her?”
   “Right. Adored in your world, sent by the God Veda to be his voice. Girls born with a mark on the nape of their necks have been revered for generations, haven’t they?”
   “Of course, I know that. I also know that Celiastina is our generation’s saint. No matter how far-flung the village, that’s common knowledge for everyone.”
   “Good. Then you also know it is custom for the saint of every generation to marry the foremost holy knight of the kingdom, and together they serve their king for life?”
   Of course, said Yuna with a nod of her head. But what does that have anything to do with me now?
   “About that holy saint, you see—and this is just between the two of us…”
   Angelica’s voice dropped low, and she approached Yuna so that she could whisper in her ear. Even if she wasn’t worried, there wasn’t even a single ant in here besides the two of them.
   “She tried to kill herself by drowning.”
   Yuna leaped away with great astonishment. The saint, the person closer to God than anyone else, committing suicide! It was too shocking a development. Until now, this has never happened before, likely not even even once.
   “H–How is she?”
   “Yeah, uh, she wasn’t spared from damage.”
   “N-N-No way.”
   “Thing is, she was much too important to die, you know? If she got sick and died, then whatever. But this was suicide. We can’t send another saint to replace her. My point is, Celiastina must not die.”
   The angel’s flippant tone bothered Yuna, but she understood the gravity of the situation. Losing the saint definitely spelled trouble. A saint killing herself would be a blow even to God.
   “Y-you’re right.”
   “Of course I am. That’s why, as an exception among exceptions, Celiastina will have to be revived. Fortunately, the place she tried to kill herself has yet to be discovered. We must prevent an uproar over her suicide from breaking out.”
   Prevent it from happening. In other words, hush it up? Will that really be OK, oh my Lord Veda——Overcome with surprise as she was, it was all Yuna could do to endure so that what little faith remained did not waver.
   “In other words, it’s easy for God to play with life and death, but it’s a big burden, too. In Celiastina’s case, her spirit is completely separated from her body. Which means it’s already too late. I said I’d do something about it—this is where you come in.”
   “There’s still some time left to reunite Celiastina’s soul with her body again. I’ll look after her soul in the divine realm for a while—it needs to be purified. But I can’t leave her body empty, can I? So.”
   “Yuna, you’ll take over Celiastina’s body in the meantime and live her life.”


   “——Wait a, wha–whaaaat?!”

   “Celiastina is basically dead. If we leave her body as it is, it’ll soon rot. There will be no point if that happens, right?”
   It made sense. Well, not entirely, but Yuna got the gist of it. Though why did it have to be her? It was too huge a responsibility. It was the one thing she couldn’t agree on.

   “A miracle happened.”
   A miracle?

   “The very same moment Celiastina tried to kill herself, smack on the dot, you were hit by a horse-drawn carriage. Some sort of distortion was created due to it. That’s why it’s possible to connect your soul to Celiastina’s body. A miracle that cannot be achieved even through His will.”
   “Wa-wait, wait a minute! Th-there’s no way I can do it! Isn’t it the same as telling me to be the saint?”
   “It’s only temporary. I don’t know how long it will be, but I suppose it’ll take half a year to a whole year.”
   “I’m just a commoner. Becoming a messenger of God is—”
   “Now, now. Why not? It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Not everyone gets it. You’ll be richer than some peer. Besides, Celiastina is quite a beauty. That alone is a merit, if you ask me.”
   “Th-that’s blasphemous! The saint is someone to be venerated!”
   “Oh, my. God will be pleased to know an ordinary village girl so reveres Him.”
   “L-Lady Angelica!”
   “Yuna, please. This isn’t a personal request. The great God Himself wishes it. He isn’t giving you ‘permission’ to be the saint, but ‘asking’ you know? At least temporarily.”
   “Th-that can’t be…”
   Wasn’t that a rather underhanded way of talking to someone? But Yuna wasn’t in a position where she could refuse, and she was slightly beginning to understand. She was already dead to begin with. Even if she were pushed down to Hell, if that was His judgment, she’d have no choice but to accept. And if that was the case…
   “You’ll do it, won’t you?”
   Angelica wasn’t asking. It was an order. God’s will.
   “——Oh, no! We’re running out of time. OK, Yuna, I leave it to you. Well, don’t be so stiff, just stick with it for a while and enjoy your life as the saint!”
   “No, wait!”
   “See ya! When the time comes, I’ll come get you!”
   Suddenly, Yuna’s body was covered in a bright light. Angelica’s smiling face was also washed out by that light and disappeared——

   O God, if it was my fate to be called into the next world at this age——then I wanted to rest in peace at least.

41 thoughts on “Light Beyond – ch01

  1. thanks—-!
    hm, rather interesting…! Poor girl, though! anyway, i don’t know, i sense that angst at the end of her term in celestiana’s body…anyone with me?! i really do, but, she’s given a bit more time, i guess it’s good for her…now, then…it remains to be seen if i’ll like yuna as a character though, she seems okay to me.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree, that should be near the end of the story though. We’ll see whether she try to detach her feeling or just enjoy her stand-in life. I wonder how the author would make the real saint to go back to life, she committed suicide so she must really hate her current life.

      Thanks for the translation, kukkiriri

      Liked by 1 person

      1. right—? really feels like there’ll be future angst, ahaha! hm, i think even if she tries to distance herself, she’ll still eventually let people in. well, i hope she’ll be they type to enjoy her life, right from the get-go, haha!
        also, about the real celestiana, i’m guessing some event made her want to die, rather then her life being horrible, honestly.


        1. That remind me with “And so the Girl Obtained Wicked Girl’s Body”, the part that reincarnated body original owner goes suicide then get possessed with naive and life enjoying girl soul. haha

          To be cornered to suicide, the event should be large enough or cause irreversible damage. Or is there connection with the custom to marry the saint with the holy knight. Oh well, waiting for chapter 2 :P

          Liked by 1 person

          1. i don’t know that novel. i know there’s a manhwa about a girl who takes over another girl’s body, though, haha! i don’t remember the title…
            yeah, so many theories, right? i’m leaning on it being an event, instead of her lifestyle in general being horrible.


            1. oh! yeah, that should be the author’s name, yeah! i don’t know if it’s that manhwa in particular, but you’ve highly likely gotten it right!

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  2. Am I the only one to think it will become a disaster for the MC ?

    She isn’t the Saint so she hasn’t her personnality, her grace, her eduction and her memories. Basically, she just can’t behave like the Saint so if people don’t think she is possessed by some devil, they vill think she became crazy … worst! She became dumb ! (sorry MC but for what I know, authors love these kind of disparities where normal citizens should be dumb and unskilled, and noble/saint should be intelligent, gracious and some kind of untouchable beings). –‘

    But hopefully, the author, if he is a good writter, will find a way to make things turn for the better. Hoping it won’t be some basic story where the MC is just unskilled and has to prove herself. It would be boring…

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  3. Going to reserve judgement for the moment. Let’s see how this pans out.
    On a side note, yes, this was certainly triggered by an incarnation of Truck-san. It feels like it’s been too long since I’ve seen him around!

    My thanks to you, kukkiriri.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. KIRIKIRII~! I can’t believe I let this slip past my radar. It’s right up my alley too!

    It looks like we’re off to a good start though! Poor Yuna suddenly getting killed by TRUCK-SAMA, or rather, Truck-sama’s great ancestor, the Carriage XD. Somehow this whole deal seems extremely fishy!
    1. The angel never even HINTED at WHY the Saint killed herself (HUGE RED FLAG)
    2. Yuna just so happened to “coincidentally” have been killed at the exact right moment to allow her to switch bodies lol.
    3. Super flippant airhead angel fast talking a poor undereducated common girl.
    4. Apparently it’s a temporary arrangement, what happens after “temporary”?

    Oh boy, this doesn’t look like it will turn out well for Yuna. This deal has enough holes in it to make a lawyer faint lol. I mean for one thing, Yuna is going to have to adapt to the life of the saint.

    Off to chapter 2! Thanks for translating this Kirili!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Noooooooo I deny those accusations T.T It’s just that I’ve switch to novelupdates for my updates as opposed to WordPress, but that has some disadvantages too. Mainly information overload. Like with so many other series being listed, my eyes gravitate towards the ones I already have highlighted as follows, thus new additions like this one often slip past me /excuses >.<

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It was actually a comment about how you never leave comments or your thoughts anymore after you joined Skype. XP I actually forgot how involved and fun your comments were lol.

          Glad you like the series so far! ;D


  5. err …. plot twist.
    She became zombie?

    With a saint power … Holy attribute zombie.
    The strongest zombie in the history of mankind.
    Yea, would be nice to read if so.


    1. Lol actually, I recommend that you read the translations by Ilinox, over at her blog. She’s an amazing translator and super fast! She’s translated a lot of the story already.


      1. Will you belive that I read it just because it is your site? not every site that you will get a reply in a paragraph, even on silly comments.You’re an amazing translator too.


      2. Guess that was creeppy coming from someone you don’t know. I just value the conversation alright? I don’t talk much in my daily life you see. So I kinda like to comment about the chapter I read. Even the novel I translated most of the comment is simple Thank you. It is fine by itself just that I like it when someone talk about the chapter I translated. Some did, but when I reply they kinda end the conversation.

        Okay …. fine
        I admit I’m lonely!


        1. Aww, no! It wasn’t creepy at all. In fact, that’s one of the few times anyone has ever mentioned how frequently I respond to comments, lol. I was busy yesterday so when I got home I crashed, and then I had work today. Haven’t had the time to respond to comments.

          But I get what you mean when it’s nice to hear what the readers think. Why do you think I even bother to respond to comments If I wasn’t interested in chatting with others, I wouldn’t even bother. It is disappointing when people don’t want to discuss the story that you’re working so hard to share with them, and although thanks are nice, it’s really hard to start a conversation.

          So thanks for reading and leaving such kind and amusing comments, and I’m actually just a learning translator, but I’m glad you like my work as well. :)


          1. Oh I was out all day working outside yesterday too. It’d be funny if we went to the same place haha.

            Someone just pick up my project and I’m thinking I want to do something with blueblird 2. Can I send it to you to check for mistake. It won’t be anytime soon.


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